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Feedburner goodbye to email subscription service

New changes in Blogger are yet to come and it's going to be sooner than expected. Blogger is going to leave the feedburner service behind and will move forward for a better future. It’s really hard to believe but after so many years of feedburner subscription service it has come to an End. 

Google's Blogger has emailed all of its users to start using alternatives of Feedburner subscription service.  Many Blogger users are now wondering which alternatives to use. Feed subscribing service is an effective method of getting more visitors on your blog through mails. You are able to send all of your subscribers an update of your new published post. In the past, feedburner was more useful for bloggers and since it was one of the gadgets available in Blogger, it was easy to use.

However, since the feedburner is going away, we have to look for its alternatives. 

Feedburner alternatives for Bloggers :

So here are some feedburner alternatives you can use for subscription service :

Feedblitz is now the only option left that offers both RSS and email subscription in a single tool. However you have to pay for this tool based on the number of your email subscribers (not RSS), it's definitely one of the easiest-to-use alternatives available to Feedburner. The social sharing and related content integration service are great to have, which is key to growing and engaging your audience. If you use Feedblitz, they have proper guidelines available for new users. 

This Tool has been designed well to handle all of its user's' emails. However the native RSS feeds have no analytics by themselves, but they aren't difficult to use. Now this is my personal favorite and I would suggest you to use this alternative if you wanna keep it simple like feedburner. I am personally using this tool to handle my subscribers through email updates. You just need to create an account and a feed for your site and that's all. You can select whether you want a "follow" widget to install or a pop up follow notification. The site has a guideline to show you how it works. However, since I am using this tool I can tell that this is far better than the Feedburner tool but there is one thing that made me down. My subscribers will receive an update email whenever I post new content, but the emails are more likely to send the users to their own site rather than mine. And also the emails are not much great looking notification that could direct someone to my site as a return user. But It's not entirely that bad because it is handling all of my subscribers free and also allowing me to send them a daily update through Email. This is why one thumbs up from me for this tool.

Mailchimp If you’re not blogging too often, then mailchimp is a great option available for you. You are allowed to have upto 2000 subscribers and 1200 mails in a month. It is one of the best email marketing providers that helps small businesses to grow in large. However mailchimp does not come free, you have to pay for the service. If you’re looking to use a premium and better email subscription service than I highly recommend you using mailchimp.

Conclusion :

Since Feedburner will be gone and you have to choose alternatives to get subscription service, You can collect emails of users and send them direct updates through emails. However some users will mark your mails as spam and, this happened with me before but collecting mails isn’t a bad Idea. But if you want to let third parties handle all of your subscribers, then you can easily do that through feedburner alternatives.

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