Top 5 online earning ideas for students!

online earning ideas for students

Top 5 Online  Money Making Ideas for Students in 2021

More or less, I know how embarrassing it becomes when you have to ask your parents for your pocket money! Trust me,  I have known this fact for a long long time.

It is not easy to ask parents for extra money except for study expenses. It gets worse when you only want something important but they refuse to give you a penny as extra.

So, for students I will share the top five ways that will help you make some or more money and help you fill your pockets.

5 online earning ideas for students 

Link Sharing 

Link sharing is the best alternative source of income. I personally advise you to earn cash by sharing links.

You wonder how sharing a link makes you money! It’s not usually easy or tough, for me it’s the medium.

You'll find link sharing sites by searching on Google. You need to shorten and share any private or public links through the site. You will receive a commission for each click and visit.

Some link shortner sites such as pays 100$ for 10,000 clicks

Create a space in Quora 

Quora is well known to us for getting answers to every question.  However, do you know that Quora also gives you a chance to earn through it?

What is space in quora?

Quora is an App and Website where online users can ask a question or answer someone's question. In Quora, space is more like a group of users. They ask each other questions and get answers. The more a space is filled up with members and questions the more you can earn.

According to me, Quora is a perfect place for anyone including students who love to answer  questions and ask questions and get paid.

freelance Content writing 

Freelancing is one of the best earning platforms especially for students. A student can start earning money through part-time work. However, to become a freelance content writer you need to have basic skills in writing and typing content, Then you can easily start your part-time /full-time career in this field.

 A career in freelancing will help you understand more about technology as well as learn how to do appropriate research for a subject.

Many blogging startups are looking for original content writers who can write original and unique content. So, I think it's a great idea for a student to  write content for bloggers and earn money. 


Creating a personal blog and publishing unique and amazing content is a lot of fun. But what if you can earn good money by blogging? 

Starting a blog and writing articles and then monetizing them is a very simple process. I think blogging gives students an opportunity to earn income for themselves. It’s the perfect part-time job, though it’s not as easy as it looks. Writing a biography of yourself or someone else or choosing a niche can be a great way to start your blogging career as a student. You can choose a topic that fits you better. 

After a month or two, when your blog is all-ready, apply for Google AdSense and monetize your contents. 

Note: You don't really have to wait a month or two, you can apply as soon as your blog is ready. However, it is better to wait until you start getting organic traffic.


I believe that YouTube is a place where anyone can make money by showcasing their talents. As a student, YouTube can be your source of income. I have seen many students start a YouTube channel and earn money by publishing video content.

For example, creating an AMV video, roasting someone or something else, reviewing someone's video, or publishing an event that summarizes can be the best way for a student to make money.

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