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- A movie streaming platform that is very popular among movie lovers. Netflix is a multi-millionaire company and we all like Netflix shows. It is the top choice for TV and movie streaming, its ease of use, and few commercials with original content. Netflix streams shows and movies over the internet and for us it is the best way to watch TV. And in the past few years, Netflix started to create its own shows and web series. Netflix shows have all the spiciness that a movie lover needs in a movie. But let's take a look at Netflix's past and history, excluding Netflix's success. And know more about Netflix - American over-the-top content platform and production company 

Netflix - History

Netflix is an American OTT & Production Company. It is a media service offered directly to viewers via the Internet. Netflix headquartered in Los Gatos (an incorporated town in Santa Clara County, California, United States.) Netflix is a subscription based company that earns revenue from premium users. In 2020 Netflix total income was more than up to $2.761 billion USD. Almost 24 years old, this company's share value is almost 517$USD. 

Top 10 countries where Netflix is the most popular, according to Emarketer:

Sweden — 50.2% user penetration.

Netherlands — 43.6% user penetration.

Australia — 42.7% user penetration.

Finland — 39.7% user penetration.

Germany — 35.5% user penetration.

United Kingdom — 33.8% user penetration.

Denmark — 54.9% user penetration

Canada — 56.3% user penetration

Norway — 62.4% user penetration

United States — 64.5% user penetration

In Asian countries such as China, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan Netflix is starting to gain more popularity over time. However, in Bangladesh, Netflix is popular yet there is no Netflix premium service available

Netflix Origin:

In 1997, REED HASTINGS ( Wilmot Reed Hastings Jr. Birth: October 8, 1960 is an American businessman, co-founder, chairman, and co-chief executive officer - CEO of Netflix,) and MARC RANDOLPH ( Marc Bernays Randolph Birth April 29, 1958, American tech entrepreneur, advisor, speaker and environmental advocate, co-founder and CEO of Netflix.) Founded Netflix in California. At first, Netflix was a movie rental service provider.At the time, movie lovers were very impressed by Netflix because they could easily rent a movie from the Netflix website. The Netflix Rental Service would allow everyone to rent a DVD of any movie from the Netflix website and return the DVD to Netflix via the envelope provided by Netflix. However, over time, Netflix started to stream movies and shows. And at the present, Netflix has more than 151 million paid subscribers in over 190 countries around the world. That makes Netflix’s one of the largest movie streaming online platforms.

Netflix Company Logo

Netflix is widely popular for its simple and delicate logo. The Netflix logo has changed so many times, that in 2000 the Netflix logo began to be simplified by letters only. The final Netflix logo was designed in 2014 and since then Netflix has not changed their logo.

Logo font

The company used Bebas Neue Font to design their fine-tuned "Netflix" logo.

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