5 Free SEO Tools That Are Effective In SEO Development

    How to audit your site for free? We all know that search engine optimization is a necessary process to make your site more search engine friendly. That's why we need to fix bugs that affect our site. But, most of us cannot point out the errors on our site without using SEO tools. SEO tools point out problems on our site and make it easy for us to optimize.

    But most SEO checker tools are premium, and only a few free tools show accurate results. There ain't many free SEO checker tools that audit all the pages of your site. However, defects need to be identified in order to improve the user experience of a site. So identifying specific bugs and fixing them will help optimize your site.

     So today, in this article, I will tell you about the 5 most amazing free SEO tools that help you get more accurate results. It makes sense to know exactly what you need to do to improve your site's SERP. So here we go to Top 5 Free SEO Checker Tools to check site on*page and off*page SEO.

    Not everyone knows about the right tools that show the right results. So without making it too long, let’s start the list:


    This is one of my favorite tools. I use this free online tool to audit my site. It gives you accurate results in both on-page and off-page SEO and moreover it is all free.

    There is also a separate premium support for the users, using the premium version you will get the benefit of using its other features as well.


    Many of you already know about this free website SEO checker tool. It's one of the best free tools that gives you accurate results of your site's on*page and off*page seo. However, not all the features here are free, in fact, using ubersuggest is limited with 3 daily trials. So you may consider using the premium version of ubersuggest to audit your sites.

    Small Seo Tools

    Small tool seo is one of the free seo checking tools to check your site's on*page and off*page status. It is fully free with a variety of necessary features(e.g. Plagiarism checker, free Search engine optimization checker, Backlink checker, Da Pa checker and more.)  to help you improve your Serp. 

    Seo Optimer

    Seo Optimer is best to Understand the status of your site's On*page and off*page seo. It enables you to know some major issues and point out some major errors you need to fix in your site. It is very helpful for beginner bloggers to make their website friendly for search engines. I highly recommend this free seo checker to beginners.

    SEO tester online 

    Seo tester online is one of the free seo checker sites to analyze your websites' seo. This tool analyzes your whole website to provide you with valuable data related to your site's seo. It allows you to know how your site performs on every device, or how Google represents your site. It has a premium version that allows you to get even more accurate results and enables more features and suggest solutions for you. 

    That's it for today, stay tuned for more new tech tips, updates and articles.

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