The Best YouTube Alternatives 2022

The Best YouTube Alternatives  2022

You may think watching innocent videos won't expose much information about you, but you’re wrong. It’s surprising how much data Google uses to understand who you are and what you like or dislike. Now is the time to take your privacy back and look for a YouTube alternative that doesn’t collect your data.

    Why use YouTube alternatives ?

    At the very least, alternatives to YouTube give you an opportunity to reach the people who don't watch videos on YouTube. As a creator, it's worth exploring for this reason alone. And it doesn't have to take up a lot of extra time. In most cases, posting your video content on alternative platforms is relatively easy.

    YouTube alternative #1: Utreon

    Watch all the videos you love. Join our creator community, upload original content, and share it with your community, friends, and the world.

    uteron youtube alternative

    It has a great interface and definitely surpasses Youtube with its high quality videos (4K Ultra HD to be precise), which also can earn content creators some extra cash. Vimeo is also ad-free and has a built-in community so users can comment, follow channels, and share videos on their social media accounts. Definitely one of the better sites to upload videos.

    YouTube alternative #2:Vimeo

    Unlock the power of videowith vimeo.Simple tools for any professional, team, and organization to create, manage, and share high-quality videos.

    YouTube alternative  vimeo

    Vimeo is an alternative video hosting platform that concentrates on films, documentaries, shows, and some other entertaining and acquisition content. The platform is built to deliver implausibly high-quality video and give creators a way to make exclusive channels and entire video streaming services.

    One of Vimeo’s key characteristics is that it provides hosting for higher quality videos than YouTube. Creators can upload videos in up to 4K and up to 60 frames per second, which is much higher than the maximum quality and frame rate on YouTube. This is ideal for creators who produce videos with intense visuals.

    Vimeo has software that enables video creators to make their own video subscription services. And it’s not just for creating independent shows or movies. The Vimeo software can be used to create apps, online classes, and any other subscription service that involves videos.


    Make stunning videos from templates, record video messages, or capture any moment with professional-quality live streaming.


    Host your videos in one central, secure location to seamlessly share and collaborate with customers or teammates.


    Promote your product or service with our video marketing tools or create a subscription streaming service for your videos.

    YouTube alternative #3: PeerTube

    PeerTube is a free, decentralized and federated video platform developed as an alternative to other platforms that centralize our data and attention, such as YouTube, Dailymotion or Vimeo.Out of the decentralized, open source alternatives to YouTube, this one is probably the best. It's being developed by Framasoft who consistently does amazing things.

    peertube youtube alternative

    Peertube is federated, which means anyone with the know-how can host their own instance of peertube where they can upload videos to, and anyone on another peertube instance can find their server/account and view their videos. For an example of a federated service already in use, look no further than Email.
    BitChute aims to put creators first and provide them with a service that they can use to flourish and express their ideas freely.BitChute is a peer to peer video sharing platform. Its mission is to put people and free speech first. It's free to join and create and upload your own videos to share with others.

    BitChute youtube alternative

    BitChute allows free speech and does not partake in shady business practices and promotion like YouTube does. They are also independent from large megacorporations like Google, also unlike YouTube.
    NewPipe is a free and open-source media player app for Android devices that is best known as an unofficial YouTube client. It is available in the F-Droid software repository, in NewPipe's F-Droid repository, or in the GitHub releases page. It can be used as an alternative to the official YouTube app.

    newpipe youtube alternative

    What could be a better alternative to watching YouTube than watching YouTube without all the nasty Google spying going on? NewPipe brings exactly that to the Android platform. I'm very happy it exists. Use this instead of Google's YouTube app to prevent Google constantly monitoring what you like to watch.
    This site mimics old YouTube and has the 2008 header and 2009 looking pages. This fixes many problems YouTube has, like lack of customization and community issues. Share your videos around the world. Display Yourself. Previously known as VidBit.

    vidlii youtube alternative

    Watch, upload and share your favorite videos with the entire world in an easy to use and friendly environment. Because out of all the other websites it imitates the feel of YouTube the best.
    Dailymotion is a video sharing service website, headquartered in the 18th arrondissement, Paris, France. Dailymotion is the largest video site in the world after YouTube.
    Dailymotion youtube alternative

    The latest news, sports, music and entertainment videos on Dailymotion.DailyMotion offers nice options to manage and monetise your videos. And it's not linked to Google, which is a good point on my can found videos here which you dont find at youtube
    DTube is one of the best privacy-focused video platforms, which is still somewhat similar to Youtube. It’s completely decentralized, meaning that DTube videos aren’t uploaded and streamed from one centralized server as they are with Youtube. All of its content is stored on blockchain. This means that it’s pretty difficult for hackers to tamper with video content, it’s unlikely that your personal data will leak, and the community controls the platform.

    dtube youtube alternative

    What's also great about DTube is that it doesn’t serve you ads or have a recommendation algorithm, it supports free speech (the content is monitored by the community), and all content creators have the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency revenue. The interface is similar to Youtube, so die-hard Youtube fans won’t find it difficult to move to this platform. Want to upload videos without risk of tampering? Then choose DTube.
    An alternative front-end to YouTube [The instance at made by Omar Roth was closed in September 2021.It has all the most important features that are in Youtube, but it's open source.

    Metacafe is a very fundamental video platform that is even older than Youtube. It hosts a vast number of videos, which are all up to 90s long and are of a fairly low quality, at least compared to other platforms. However, they do guarantee that there are no duplicate videos on Metacafe.

    It’s a great YouTube alternative for people looking for funny videos, product reviews or quick how-tos. Similar to Youtube, it categorizes videos into entertainment, sports, video games, movies, news and TV. Viewers can subscribe to channels or view antithetic playlists, too.

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