What are some amazing facts about human psychology?

some amazing facts about human psychology

some amazing facts about human psychology

1:-Some people fall in love in just 4 minutes. This thing has been proved psychologically.

2:-We can cry more easily at night than during daytime.

3:-If the friendship lasts more than 7 years, it has a high probability of lasting a lifetime.

4:—We feel calm, relaxed, and happy by listening to loud tunes and fast music.

5:-When people talk in groups, 80% decide that they are complaining about someone's evil or complaint.

6:-People who talk to themselves are smart by nature.

7:-The more you try to impress people, the less impressed they’ll be.

8:-The more honest you are about your faults, the more people will think you’re perfect.

9:-If you want people to take you seriously, tell them your parents have taught you that.

10:-The kind of music we listen to, the world starts to look the same to us.

11:-When we do not have full confidence in anything we say, we start defending it.

12:-When person cries and the first drop comes out of the right eye, it’s Happiness. Left eyes are pain. But both indicate frustration.

13:-We keep ourselves happy by keeping ourselves busy with work. The reason is because when we are busy, our brain prevents us from thinking about the negative things in our lives.

Best  amazing facts about human psychology

FACT#1. If you want someone to listen to you carefully, start the conversation with the sentence “I did not want to tell you this”.

FACT#2. If someone advises you, then it is better to say ‘You are right’ than in ‘i know’

FACT#3. Women argue only with the people they really care about.

FACT#4. When many people make fun of someone, the man mostly looks towards the man whom he considers closest to his heart.

FACT#5. If you are talking to someone and he is keeping his head down, it means that he is not interested in you and does not even want to tell you that you do not get angry.

FACT#6. If you fall in love with two human beings and want to leave one of these, then always leave the first one because if you really loved the first one, then you do not love the other.

FACT#7. One should not say ‘yes’ to every task because people respect them, which has some limitations. Sometimes it’s okay to say ‘no’.

FACT#8. Loneliness affects human mortality as much as 15 cigarettes a day. Being alone is more dangerous than obesity for a human being.

FACT#9. The phone of 95% of the people lying on the bed while typing has definitely fallen on the mouth.

FACT#10. The feeling of loneliness does not come when a person is alone but only when no one cares for him.

FACT#11. If you once fell in love with someone, you could not become his friend back.

FACT#12. If you ask for a pen, always keep its lid with you because very few people put the pen in their pocket without a lid.

FACT#13. 68% of the people feel that the phone in their pocket has just got vibrations while in reality, nothing like this happens.

FACT#14. When you are suddenly disappointed without any reason, then you are missing someone, but you do not know it yourself.

FACT#15. Hearing one’s own name even when no one is speaking is a sign of a healthy mind.

FACT#16. People who become fast friends very quickly should be avoided a little because most of them are drummers.

FACT#17. Smiling a little before taking someone’s call makes your voice good.

FACT#18. If your height is low then 90% chance that your mother may have worried during pregnancy.

FACT#19. If you are feeling tired even after getting good sleep, then you definitely lack water in your body.

FACT#20. Feeling jealous of someone makes our immune system weak.

FACT#21. An honest person never makes more friends, but always makes a real friend.

FACT#22. According to psychology, if a person cheats on someone else in front of you, he or she will cheat you somewhere.

FACT#23. If someone tells you that “you have changed” then there is a 95% chance that you have stopped making only the charges that you wanted from you, but nothing has changed in you.

FACT#24. If we really care about someone, then his mood also directly affects our mood. If he is happy then we are also happy, he is sad and we are also sad.

FACT#25. Always drinking glasses keep on the left hand at the party, wedding, etc. it will not cause much trouble while shaking hands with anyone.

FACT#26. If a person is working for you free of cost, then he should never say ‘hurry’.

FACT#27. A man is jealous of you because of these three things: 1) He wants to be like you. 2) Or he hates himself. 3) Or else he sees you as a threat.

FACT#28. Apologizing does not always decide that you are wrong and the front is right. Rather it shows that more related to your ego matters to you.

FACT#29. Understanding jokes and laughing at them is the work of 5 different parts of our brain.

FACT#30. Wednesday is considered the best day to go on a first date.

FACT#31. The most common mistake made in relationships is to show more love than your partner shows you.

FACT#32. We are more attracted to those people who like “music” of our choice.

FACT#33. People who put their hands in their pockets after seeing the crowd are shy guys.

FACT#34. 85% of people have such a real dream that even after getting up, they do not know correctly whether it was a dream or a reality.

FACT#35. The feeling is hidden in the mind never ends, it may go away for some time but when it comes again it will come with more pain.

FACT#36. People will come to ask you When you say good things about these guys but they will believe the bad things without asking.

FACT#37. Writing negative thoughts and throwing them in the dustbin is a good psychological trick to improve your mood.

FACT#38. Asking more questions makes you more likeable.

FACT#39. People don’t remember what you said to them, but rather remember how you made them feel.

FACT#40. If you hand over the bag to your friend while talking, most people take the bag without thinking.

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