Adsense huge Updates for 2021

adsense policy update 2021

Wow, Huge update on google Adsense policy! 
Link ad Unit is retiring?  Holly!  So much huge updates from adsense policy. 
Hey guys!  Your on Seoinfogger and i am Md. Limon A. 
So recently, Google Adsense updated their policy and announced that they are going to retire "link Ad unit" from Adsense.

Now, those of you who have AdSense, hufff! This is a big announcement for AdSense users.

But check out these updates :-

Update To Google Publisher Policies:-

Google AdSense will not monetize new sites with insufficient content and unsupported language.
You need to use a language on your site that supports AdSense and you need to have enough posts on your own blog / website.

Damn! Now you only need to use the language that understands or supports AdSense.

Link Units Are Being Retired:-

You cannot create link ad unit anymore! 
It has been officially announced that link ad unit is retiring from adsense. 
Display your link ad unit will be converted to ad unit. Adding them to the end of the ad unit name ["Previous Link Ad Unit]" will change the name. This applies to both responsive and static-sized link advertising units.
If you're using responsive link ads, you don’t need to take any steps at this time. 

Now, the link advertising unit can actually earn more, but now it says call off, we can’t use it to earn more.
Also, a lot of changes have been made to the AdSense policy to make 2021 more blogs friendly. 
You can read them on:Adsense Announcement for 2021

Hey, wait!! Do you know that our Big Monkey kong is preparing to have a fight against the Big Champ Godzilla!!!

Now, who's side are you in? let us know on the comment section. 

I am very excited for this movie, hope you also get to feel the same excitement as me. 

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