Upcoming Network 5G Cellular :


The introduction of the next generation mobile network was in 2016, but the adoption did not occur until 2019. At the very beginning, 5G was nothing more of a gimmick because it was only available in very few parts of the country. Slowly companies like AT&T and Verizon in the United States started to commercialize the 5G towers and connections. But is 5G a necessity when 4G network is already fast enough for the common users? It is true that 4G LTE is more than enough for everyday tasks but 5G gives you that reliability and speed which you would want to have. 5G speed varies depending on the frequency band but, in most cases, you would get an average of 100-600Mbps, which is already 5 to 15 times faster than 4G LTE. That is not all for 5G because mmWave 5G has shown speed results more than Gigabits per second! So, whenever you are on the run or need to download your important documents or videos quickly, 5G is just what you need. Nevertheless, the argument remains that if I must download something, I will just wait for it to download, why do I need to download it in seconds? Yes, you can wait for it. If you do not rely on speed then 5G is not for you but there are people who need a reliable bandwidth with faster speed than ever. Billion-dollar companies, hotshot corporations need faster connection speed because when you are in a fast-paced environment, you are in dire need of a faster cellular network. On the other hand, the security and speed offered by 5G network is still not assuring enough to outclass 4G. 4G LTE is already enhancing the lives of millions by giving access to a fast mobile network to every part of a country. People do not really need of the next generation network unless it gives the incentive so desirable that you would switch to that medium. As of now, 5G is yet to prove its worth to the mass but soon enough future it will become the centerpiece of the new era.

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