Why most bloggers fail in the beginning?

blogging failure

Hello! I am Zahid Ahammad and Today's topic is about Why bloggers fail and the reason behind it.

It isn’t new for bloggers to see the face of failure as a beginner. Since online self-employment has become very challenging and has lots of attention towards it, the competition for beginners has increased. A lot of people are trying to create their own way to income through blogging. And many people are so eager to make money that they lose their patience and all their efforts get washed away with Water. Too much eagerness and a lack of talent is the root of failure. 

The more you show effort but with no hard work will cause your blog's value.

And so bloggers fail due to - showing extra effort but giving less time. I saw a lot of bloggers who failed at first due to their laziness in work but later succeeded with hard work.

If you create a blog just to make money and become self-employed, then you should know all the important key points that are necessary and needed. A number of mistakes can slam your blog on the ground.

Common Blogging Mistake:

Preachers always make the same mistake, with the title. If your title does not match the content of your blog,then it becomes irrelevant with users' searched queries. 

So if you want to create a blog, first come up with the perfect name.

At the beginning, Giving time to your blog is like investing. The more time you spend on a blog, the more success you will gain. However, becoming a successful blogger is not easy, you can look upto a successful blogger and think, "Yes! he has succeeded, I can succeed too". But remember  there is no guarantee that the same process will also help someone else to succeed. You have to find your own way to success ... And Successful bloggers always know what it takes to avoid a head on clash with failure. 

You can learn from famous blogs and read articles to know what the mistakes in your blog are and what the mistakes are you making. Because even a small mistake can lead you to failure. If you're wondering about What makes a blogger successful! Their passion? Their experience?  Their hard work? 

Ans:-none of them.

The simple answer is " Their will and the reason behind doing blogging".

If your goal is to earn, you will never succeed because you will be too eager to make money rather than doing necessary and important work. 

However, if you have a solid "Will of doing something" and "Focus" your success will be handed to you, then you can truly become a successful blogger. So the reason behind bloggers' failure is their mindset. Because those who have worked hard and showed enough potential have gained success in the end. Meanwhile, those who only talked big with no real efforts have failed in blogging. So I would suggest you fix the small issues first because in Blogging the big issues can be handled but small issues are unnoticeable and cause your ranking. So any kind of mistake is necessary to fix if you want to succeed. Otherwise, you may end up like all other beginners. 

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