Blogger on-page SEO for beginner's

blogger on-page seo

Heya! Do you want to learn on-page seo on blogger? Its not difficult.
By the way, if you don’t know about on-page seo then- i have navigated every needed information about on-page seo.

If, Your doing blogging on free platform like blogger then on-page seo is very likely and useful. 
Although, its always useful for any platform

After reading this, you can do on-page-seo.

i have included the easiest keywords to make it more user-readable

Now, lets move on..... 

What is on-page-seo? 

On-page Web optimization is the act of upgrading singular pages to rank higher and acquire more real-user traffic in web crawlers.
Optimization to make a page more relevant to Google in-short: on-page-seo.

Now on-page SEO is done to make the page more improved and to make it more friendly  with Google to top the rank.
So, you can use on-page seo to improvis your website more. 

Now.... This is the shortest i can make to make you understand (on-page-seo).

How to do on-page seo?

Genuinely, it means to improve your website page to make it friendly with google, so what you have to do is improve your website page, make it more readable, easy to understand, fast page loading, google friendly, more visible, perfect layout, easy loading, etceteras. 

Now, lets move to the topic,

Blogger on-page SEO for beginner's:-
In blogger, you have to do a lot of manually set-ups to make your blog more comfortable for your visitors
Since, blogger does not provides much features like wordpress, you have to do it manually.
Now, if you want to do on-page seo in blogger then it means you cannot use any tools or something similar, all you need to do is improve your blog page to generate real-traffics.
Here's what you have to do,
Improving your blog pages and make it friendly to Google, it will help your blog with the optimization. 
If, google find your blog pages very active and informative then google will send more traffic on those improved pages.

However, since the homepage is very important for a blog and attracts the most attention, it is recommended for you to do an on-page SEO on the homepage of your blog.

->YOU can increase your blog seo, make your blog more lighter to decrease the loading time.
Using more demanding and valuable keywords on the page content and make it more readable for visitors. 

Hint- use h1,h2,h3,h4,h5&h6 tags properly on the page.

Decrease the using of css from your page. If, your html size is too big then decrease it or use a more lighter theme.

Meta data:- is very important because google gets the needed information about your page from meta data. So, make sure your meta data is perfectly sized and contains the real and perfect matching data about your blog.

Keywords :- are very important to adapt on your content to increase the seo level of your post.
Google's algorithm uses keywords to deliver your content to the right search section.
You can avoid those who says that keywords doesn’t matters because it does.
Using exact keywords (which your topic is about) can help your content to show-up by the exact search.
Means, it can help you to receive more real-traffic in your blog.

This is some or less information about Blogger On Page SEO for more tips follow us and subscribe to receive more updates. 

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