Write Unique Content : step by step guidelines

Write Unique Content : step by step guidelines

How to write or create a unique content? 

 Step by step guidelines and tips for beginners. Hello guys,  welcome to this blog because I am your author MD.Limon A. I guide people’s and help experience the best part of blogging. 

In this content, I will guide you to How you can create a unique content for your blog without any experiences and difficulties. You may think that you need experience and times to create one unique and fresh content for a blog but your wrong. Time waits for no one, if you have been said that you cannot create unique posts that ranks then your totally wrong. 

Best guidelines are the easiest way of learning something and make yourself worthy. 

You can easily create a unique content that ranks on Google without difficulties. No one need any special experience to create a unique content.  Because, by following proper guidelines it will be easier to create a content that is enough unique to rank on Google. Now, before reading the guideline We have to know what a unique content means.

Unique content :

Simple: A content that hasn’t been published on Google yet or A content that Google wants.

Advanced : A content that had been created with proper manners, keywords-included, well-navigated, good use of words, based on a niche /topic/subject, matching heading and Title etc.

These are the simple and advanced meaning of unique content for beginners. 

Unique content will help your blog rank well in Google and gain more organic traffics from it. Also, if someone find your content more helpful /impactful, then he/she will revisit your blog for more similar contents. So, it is very important that at least half of your blog posts are unique. However, most people uses rewriting tools to generate unique articles for their blog that isn’t something a blogger should do. When we use rewrite tools to generate unique articles, we make a huge mistake.  We forget the policies that Google uses to maintain it's system. Google does not want rewritten articles from a blog. Also, the algorithms that Google uses to protect it's users from cheaters are now more advanced. So, we cannot use article rewriting tools to generate unique articles.  Therefore, using tips and proper guidelines are the best way you can create unique articles and rank high on Google. 

Guidelines & Tips

  • → Keep thinking about what you’ll be writing on. By thinking about the topic you’ll be able to explore more about it. This will make you more creative. The more creative you are with your work, the more unique you work will be.
  • → Don’t mislead someone with false information. If your content contains something that isn’t true, then your content will be blacklisted by Google. So, don’t use any misleading sentences in your content. 
  • → Always, try to write a content that has more than 500 words. Long contents has a better chance of ranking well on Google. Also, if you write contents which are 500+ words long, then there is a good chance that the content will be 100%unique. 
  • → Use synonym words for your content. If your writing a content and you want it to be 100% unique, then using synonyms are the best way available for you. Using different words for the same meaning will erase the plagiarisms of your content and will make your content unique and plagiarism free. But, it makes your content harder for readers to understand. So, you have to make sure that you use synonyms of unnecessary words. 

Tips: words that you think is not necessary for to understand. 

  • → The title of you content must be different and keyword base. If your writing a content on a trending topic, then make sure you use the same keyword on you content title. 

Like, if I am writing a content on ‘best books of the year', then I will create a title than includes the same keyword ‘best books of the year'.

For example : keyword base title = ‘best books of the year that you should know about'.

So in the end, I will suggest you to avoid any subtitle to text generator tools, article rewriting tools etc. Because, writing your own content is the best way you can generate unique contents for your blog and rank high on google and make money. 

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