Things you have to know before starting a Blog


Things you have to know before starting a Blog

Few lessons that you should learn before starting a blog

Blogging is all the time and patience. If you have no patience in you, then there is no saying that you can succeed on blogging The more time you will invest on your blog, the more reason youll find to continue your blog. A simple mistake can ruin your blog such as, SEO mistake, Analyzing mistake, indexing mistake, On-page-SEO mistake or even a wrong theme for your blog. All these mistakes are often made by beginners, One wrong turn will lead you to your failure.

Therefore, strong will of doing something and giving your hundred percent is a must.

Some important thoughts that you need to erase from your mind and some you need to do everyday ;

  • Don’t expect that you can do everything and earn money within a month or two, blogging is something that needs times, the more time youll invest on your blog the more further youll be going. 
  • Well mannered contents  are all you need to create for your blog,  poor contents are just a showcase their not as effective as well mannered contents are.
  • Schedule your everyday blog time. Spend 1 hour or more regularly . During this time, create content or customize your blog.
  • Create researchable contents that are easy to read, don’t create contents that are very confusing and hard to understand. 
  • Do proper research on what your creating , otherwise it won't be like what users want. 
  • Don’t create contents when your under pressure or something, fresh mind is the key of success, so choose a perfect time when your mind is all fresh and your ready to go. 
  • Try to upload minimum one content a day, continuously. If your beginner and unable to publish content regularly in your blog, then publish one content within two days. But, don’t take too much time on publishing one content. 

That’s a for now, if you want more articles similar to this one, then comment us below. 

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