Avoid This 10 Mistakes In Blogger

Avoid This 10 Mistakes In Blogger

Top 10 mistakes to avoid in blogger platform.

Blogger is a free platform where we can create a blog for our-self without any cost.
Also, it has limited features to offer to its users. But, the features are enough for its users.

Even though you cannot install premium tools in blogger platform, you can manage everything manually. 

But this is where most users make mistakes. 
So, in this article I’ll show you 10 mistakes that you shouldn’t make.

 10 mistakes to Avoid in Blogger, 

1. We often create the incorrect meta description for our blog, as a result when we change the meta description afterward, it takes more than a month to update on Google. 

 So, you should justify the meta description before you publish your blog on search console. 

2. Your title should be between 25-46 characters. Don’t make your title too long or too small because if you want your blog to score more on SEO , then you title should be as much as mentioned. 

3. Don’t use copyright templates if you want to apply for AdSense. 

In AdSense policy, they mentioned that a user cannot use copyright templates if he/she wants monetize his/her blog with AdSense.

4. In blogger blog, don’t bold too many characters, especially don’t bold a sentence. You can use major heading or subheading but don’t bold them.

 When you use the ‘B’ option to bold your words, always remember to not bold more than 26 words. 

When you bold a sentence it becomes an unnecessary sentence. It also decreases your SEO score.

5. Don’t forget to use a good alternative description for your Images.

 If you don’t add alternative text to your images, then non of your image will rank on Google.

  So, it is very important to add proper alternative text to all of your blog images.


6. There is an option that tells you to add robots.txt file to your blog. Now, robots.txt file is a very important part of your blog. 

If you don’t know about robots.txt, then don’t add any. 

If you add wrong robots.txt to your blog, then google will ignore your blog.

Note: You  can get the perfect robots.txt for your blog if you’re a beginner, type robots.txt into the search box above and you’ll find your desired result.

7. Don’t create uppercase label for your blog. If you create labels with uppercase letters, then you’ll have a bad SEO score.

 You can create labels for your posts with lowercase letters.

8. Don’t apply for AdSense, unless your blog is minimum 3 months old.

9. The title of your blog post should be minimum 46 characters to 54 characters maximum. 

If you create a short title, then it won’t look very well on Google. If your title is too long, then Google will only showcase 56 characters that means the extra characters wont appear on Google. 

10. Use xml sitemap for your blogger blog. In blogger you don’t need to create a sitemap page for your blog.

 You can easily generate a sitemap link for your blog. But, don't add too many sitemap in your search console. 

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