How to create dofollow and nofollow links?

dofollow and nofollow links

Do you want to know how to build/ create dofollow and nofollow links? And improve the Internal and external urls'? Do you even know why "bloggers" need 'dofollows' and 'nofollows' for their blogs?

For Beginners, dofollow and nofollow are two unknown words, or more like " what is dofollow…. And what is nofollow… links are for?" Well, It's not probably their fault for not knowing everything about backlinks. However, to make you know more about dofollow and nofollow links I will try to give you guys' my best tips, and I will show you how to create dofollow and nofollow links. No matter what platform you're using, you will always need some strong backlinks for your blog. And do follow link helps you build a bond with the audience through other sites.


A link without nofollow attribute is known as no follow link or nofollow backlink. 


Links with dofollow attribute or without any attribute are automatically set to dofollow backlink. Do follow links can affect search engine rankings.

How to create a dofollow link?

As I mentioned above, a link without any nofollow attribute, or without any attribute is known as a dofollow link. So, a normal standard link can also be considered a dofollow link.


Example : <a href=''>pro blogger </a>

Also you can add rel='dofollow' attribute to announce the above link as a dofollow link.


Example: <a href='' rel='dofollow'>pro blogger </a>

If you add do follow links on other websites, then this can help you to improve your site's traffic and ranking in search engines. Dofollow link attribute can be used to allow search bots to follow the links. If a website contains a dofollow link to your site, search engine bots and people can follow you.

How to create no follow links?

Nofollow links are the opposite of dofollow links.  A link with rel='nofollow' is known as a nofollow link. If a link is nofollow, then search engine bots will ignore those links. No follow links don't help your blog to rank or it is a link that will prevent a certain link from indexing on search engines. 


Example:<a href='' rel='nofollow'>pro blogger </a>

Above is an example of no follow link. But note that, if a link doesn’t specify any nofollow attribute, then that link will automatically set to a dofollow link.

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