Valuable inventory no content - How to fix?

Valuable inventory no content

Adsense's Valuable Inventory - No Content issue ? Have you also been rejected by adsense because of valuable inventory: no content? Don’t worry, in this article you'll know why you have been rejected and what's the solution to this problem.  

Following - NO content issue? Are you shocked to know that AdSense has not accepted your application? What is the solution to this problem? Continue to learn more about how to fix this issue. 

AdSense rejecting your site:

If adsense rejects your blog for valuable inventory: no content issue policy violation, then this usually means your blog is going against one or more of their valuable inventory: no content policy. That's why they had to reject your application for this kind of policy violence. However, you can still work hard to resolve this issue and apply for a second review. 

Valuable Inventory: 'No content' Issue

Your site has 'No content' doesn’t mean that AdSense is unable to connect with your content, it means that you have violated some specified policies. So, lets analyze which rules your site has violated

There are only a few factors that can bring up a valuable inventory: no content issue, so let's learn what these factors are.

  1. Less indexed content in Google 
  2. Copied content / plagiarism content
  3. No visitors 

These are 3 main reasons for Valuable inventory: no content,  and violating any of these 3 can lead to rejection of Google AdSense.

Valuable inventory no content :

No content indexed in Google:

If your site is not indexed or Google has less than 10 contents, you still get this error. At least, more than 10 contents should be indexed and ranked on Google.  

Valuable inventory no content :

plagiarism content

Google is much smarter than before, it's really hard / impossible to fool the Google algorithm. The algorithms will immediately recognise your content as copied. In fact, even a small percentage of plagiarism can lead you to No content policy violation.  

Valuable inventory no content:

No visitors:

Visitors are needed in fact daily visitors are important for both adsense approval and earning. At least hundreds of daily traffic is needed.

Valuable inventory no content :

How to solve this issue?

To resolve this issue and get your site approved by AdSense, you will have to follow simple adsense rules and some personal tips from me.

Increase your Potential and rank your content in Google:

To deal with this AdSense's 'Policy Violation',  you have to give more attention to your blog. You have to increase your potential if you want to earn with AdSense monetization. 

Short contents ain't half bad:

If your content length is between 300-500 words, then it's not half bad. There is no rule in Google policy that says that you will have to write lengthy contents such as 1,000 words long. You can actually get more visitors on short content. You can get more traffic on medium content.

Unique contents are important:

Make sure you create and publish unique contents. Do publish content that Isn't a master copy of another existing content. Make sure that your content is readable and has a value. If you're writing a short content of 500 words or below, then It's okay but make sure your users love what you write for them. If readers don’t read your content, then that content is valueless. 

Good Indexing needed:

Make sure that your contents are perfectly optimized & indexed in Google. Nothing can be overlooked, if your contents ain't indexing on Google, dude this is not okay. So make sure your contents are indexed and try doing some On-page SEO to improve your site's ranking and indexing. 

Make sure you follow every tips and do everything as I have mentioned above.

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