How to write content or blog post that ranks on Google?

How to write content that will rank on Google?

 How to write content that will rank on Google? 

It’s not easy to write a content, especially when you are creating the content to rank on Google's search. 

To be honest, it is not impossible at all.

Google will Check the quality and friendliness of your content. 

If your content is good enough to hold someone for more tham 20 seconds, your content will rock on Google. 

As mentioned, not impossible, not easy!

It is okay to write and publish a content with a hope that Google will eventually rank it within a day or a week.

But, it is not okay if your dream of ranking with plagiaries contents'.

More than half of bloggers' will say you to write your own sentences' and others would say you to spin the content in order to remove plagiarisms. 

There are lot of freetools available in Google that will spin the content for you.

But is it okay? Is it okay to spin them?

For less than 10% It's okay.

But for others, writing your own content can get you money. 

I always tell others to follow 3 simpe steps while writing a content for Google. 

  1. Focus on the title and make sure that you use important keywords so that anyone who see's your content can understand more about the content just by seeing the Title.

  2. Make sure the information you use is correct and accurate. If you provide faithful infos, then everyone will love to visite your content just by seeing your watermark.

  3. Make sure you leave a last thought in your content.  A last message for your users are more like a hint or a consolation.  So, the content gets even better. 

This was all from me. Try to make your content into something that has no Match with any other contents at all.

Following instructions are not hard at all, you just have to follow the guidelines and write anything that you would want to get ranked in Google. 

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