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Adsense Low Value Content Issue and How to fix it? 

It’s common for beginners to get rejected by Adsense. when AdSense rejects someone's appeal, Adsense has some valid reasons for rejecting.  

It is said in AdSense's terms that users must meet the criteria before applying. 

So there could be one or more reasons behind your rejection. 

Low Value content is one of those terms that you must meet before you apply for AdSense. 

Low Value Contents 

Why does Google think that your contents have no Value? Writing a 300 words content is enough according to Google it is the minimum limit you must have in your content. But this shouldn’t be the problem right? Bloggers these days are writing thousand words long articles.  But is this enough? Writing contents are not easy and Google understands that. That's why Google has limited the word limit to minimum 300 words. But no matters how many words you write, the quality of the content matters  more. 

Google has to deal with thousands of contents per day. So you have to make sure that Google should not be ignoring your content. 

what kind of content has no Value to Google And why is that?

Thin content

Thin contents are dangerous for your site. If it’s seen to be malicious, then it could result in being blacklisted. Things like no value pages with third-party's ads or spammy affiliate pages or something that traps people and redirects them to other pages — are bad news.

Adsense is expecting high quality original content and well established sites.

If your site is too new and has too few indexed  posts, something around 5-10, little  original content, and little to no traffic from organic search as yet. 

 So here is the fact: If no one is visiting your site then this means that there is no one to see ads in your site even if you had any. So there is no point to your having ads at this time. And Adsense would be looking for at least a few visitors from Search Engines. 


—Less unique content or no unique content?

Your content must be high-quality, original, and attract an audience. Own content is way better than duplicate content. It is easier to get AdSense approval if you only have your own contents to display in your website. But displaying duplicate contents on your website will result in a rejection from AdSense. since Google never ranks duplicate content which means your Website's content will be ignored. In the end you'll be seeing No Value content errors again and again.


Minimum number of contents 

Adsense never specified a minimum number of posts, yet some users believe that it is usually best to apply when you have been regularly posting  for 6 months or so, and have more than 50  usable  posts of  about 800-1200 words or so each of original content not found on hundreds of other sites. And to be honest, I am not opposed to that, it is important to have at least or minimum 10 contents of 1000 words in your blog. In this way adsense approval is more easy to get.

A high amount of organic traffic is a proof that your content is original and has value to the visitors. The plagiarism tools and website checkers only checks for duplication word to word. Someone can easily overtake them by rewriting or changing the words using synonyms.

only a few contents are indexed in Google?

Few indexed pages in Google can cause you two errors, one No value contents and the other one is valuable inventory : No content. This is a reason that you should be checking how many of your contents have been indexed in Google. You should try to rank for some highly cpc keywords in your niche. If you keep writing actual and unique content you might have a chance for Adsense Approval. 

Duplicate content 

Copying someone's content and rewriting them by using rewriting tools or changing the words with synonyms can get you a 100% unique content, but you cannot fool Google by doing so.

Google’s algorithm is able to detect contents with their similarities. And you cannot gain traffic on a rewritten content based on someone else's content.  Though many bloggers succeeded to get adsense approval by doing so, that was in the past not now. Google will easily understand whether your content is a master copy or real.

Low or no organic traffic 

No traffic means no value at all. You cannot earn through ads if there is no-one to see and click on those ads. This is why AdSense doesn’t approve Websites with no traffic at all. But for AdSense traffic means search engine's online users. You cannot get approval with Social media's traffic.  At least 50-60% of your total traffic should be from search engines. So if your site's main traffic source is social platforms, then you can never earn by showing ads because AdSense won't find your website ready to show ads.


So fix all the errors mentioned above and reapply for adsense and I am sure that this time AdSense Won't reject you anymore. 

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