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blogger subdomain adsense approval

If you’re thinking of creating a blog to make money, then Blogger is absolutely one of the best free platforms to start with. 

Blogger provides you free limited features and gives you the access of doing every change in your blog manually. 

You are also getting a free address with blogspot as the subdomain. Though it is possible to easily connect your blog site with a custom domain. 

But many people question whether or not adsense will approve the free blogspot subdomain

Free Blogger Subdomain 

— Blogger users are able to use the free subdomain of Blogger. The subdomain will be added after the name address you'll create to direct users to your blog.

Before connecting a custom premium domain to your Blogger's hosted blog, you'll be able to use the free subdomain address to rank your blog on search engines.

You are also able to share the blog address on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

One of the good things is that the subdomain won't be affecting your blog's search engine optimization at all. So your blog will be a perfect web blog to optimize and rank. 

—  But users are not able to use premium features or tools on Blogger. This makes it a little bit unprofessional. However, users are able to use custom themes in their Blog. This is to make your blog look more professional and user-friendly. 

Adsense approval in Blogspot Domain 

— Even though Blogspot is just a subdomain and works as a free address for users, it is possible to get AdSense on Blogspot subdomain. 

Adsense monetization policy does allow Blogger users to monetize their blog through AdSense but only when you blog will meet the criteria of adsense. 

But one of the main things is that you publish your own written contents that stores no plagiarism in it.

If you follow the guidelines provided by adsense correctly, then there will be no issue for you to take an approval of adsense with Blogger's blogspot subdomain

Adsense Criteria 

Adsense criteria is the most important thing that your blog has to maintain if you're willing to monetize with adsense. If your blog is not maintaining the monetization policy, then no matter if your blog is on a premium domain you,adsense will still deny your application. 

That's why make sure you follow below instructions correctly, 

Write your own content:

It's very important to write your own unique content and publish in your blog. You either hire a writer or just write contents all by yourself. If Google detects a single copy in your content, then you might see a low value content or scrapped content error from the Adsense team. 

Make sure you have organic visitors :

If you have no search engine visitors in your blog, then don’t apply for adsense. It is best to wait until visitors are directed to your blog. 

No visitors mean no viewers and if there are no viewers in your blog, How will you earn?

This is why if you have not enough search engine's visitors directed or redirected to your blog, then it is the best idea to wait until organic visitors are directed to your blog.

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