How to fix Your site has no hreflang tags problem


How to fix Your site has no hreflang tags problem

Your site has no hreflang tags! How to solve this problem in your Google search console?  

Very easy! In this content I'm going to show you how to resolve this problem without hurting your blog's html code and SEO.

- language declaration in html helps search engines  to identify your blog language and show right search results to different countrie's users'.

It helps your blog SEO and other stuff as well.

So in one way or another, it is necessary to declare the language of your blog or declare it default. 

How to declare the language in html?

You can declare the lang attribute in two ways, 


Declare the language in html tag,



<html lang='en' xml:lang='en' />


Declare the language in alternative meta, 


<link href='your blog address' hreflang='your language' rel='alternate'/>

This will declare the language of one single page of your blog.

 If you want to declare the language of every pages available in your blog, then use this code, 

<link expr:href='data:blog.url' hreflang='your language' rel='alternate'/>

Note : you can use both first method and second method in your blog.

Note: x-default hreflang is the new attribute value that helps Google's algorithms to know that the page doesn't target any single/local language and the page is available to use as the default page when no other page is better suitable to appear in search results. 

For example,

 it will become the page that Google's algorithms try to show French-speaking searchers worldwide or English-speaking searchers on -

The same goes for homepages that dynamically alter their contents based on a user's geolocation or the Accept-Language headers.

To see google supported language tags check out Language tag

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