How to increase organic traffic of you Blog


increase organic traffic

Quora is a good option to increase your Blog's organic visitors 

Quora is one of the best platforms to find and give answers to a question. Huge amount of active users have made Quora another social platform for bloggers.

How Quora can help you to become a Pro Blogger 

— Honestly, it is hard to collect information and do keyword research, that's too much for a beginner who has no paid tools equipped. Without any tools doing keyword research and collecting important infos if a topic overload for anyone. 

But if the information is easy to find, then the keywords research is nothing too much to handle.

— Quora is just like a teacher who gives you all the answers to your questions. If you are struggling with any question, then you can easily ask the experts by posting your question on Quora , and someone will answer it.

Quora is a free platform to write and post articles on unique topics.To be able to post and write on Quora you will need to create an account. There are no internal or external fees to pay. 

— There are endless topics available in Quora to write and post. You just have to write on your favourite topic, which you feel relevant to you.

— Quora is the best platform to get higher of your content's writing grade. You will be able to learn different classes of writing. You can increase the value you used to add in your content. 

How to get blog views from Quora:

— The questions that we answer with articles in Quora can be ranked in google. For the past few years, Google has shown Quora's answers at the top of the result. And now it is confirmed that Google is seeing Quora's articles as an answer to a searched query. So there is a full chance that your posted articles in Quora could get indexed and ranked in Google. With this indexing and ranking facility you can build some strong backlinks for your blog. Not to mention that you will also receive visitors on both your Qura article and blog. So, this could help your blog to become well recognizable by many users.

However, if you don’t have a blog, then you can still gain popularity for yourself as a writer.

Can you copy articles from Quora? 

In simple answer, you can not copy articles from Quora. All of Quoras articles get indexed in Google. The ranking fact comes later. Your articles only get ranked when they're well answered. But no matter what kind of article you write in Quora If you tries to copy and rewrite them, Google will surely know recognise it. 

Can writers earn from the articles they post in Quora? 

Quora has no obligation to pay their writers. If you are writing and posting articles on Quora, you are foing it on your own will. Quora Won't be paying you a penny for your articles. You can not even monetize your articles to get pay by a third party. So in all way, your Quora articles are can not be used to earn money.   


— Quora is a platform to find and post your answers. You will get to select endless topics to write on and post. Even though you can not make an income from your articles, but you can use your Quora articles to create backlinks and generate organic visitors. With this you can increase your blog's monetization income. So Quora is a great platform to increase your Blog's organic visitors and your backlinks. And even if you don't have a blog, yiu still use Quora to write and post contents. since your articles could get rank in Google, you can still write and post articles in Quora as a content writer and use it as your portfolio. 

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