How to make money from a YouTube channel

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Online Income through YouTube channel 

YouTube is an amazing platform that helps online users to earn with video contents. 

Do you know that the contents you're watching on YouTube are helping the Channel's owner to stabilize the channel. The rapid growth of technology in Bangladesh has also made it possible for people to make an earning possibility by the use of the internet. And the people of Bangladesh are not wasting any opportunity they are getting.   A lot of YouTube Channel owners in Bangladesh have made an earning more than a Lakh in a month as a salary. This proves that the future of the Internet in Bangladesh isn’t going down. And the use of Youtube is just another example of that.

How to earn from YouTube? 

  • Make sure that you’re at least 18 years old to do these. 
  • Now, create a channel in YouTube and name it as you feel the name should be, but the name of your channel must match your contents. 
  • Now, create unique and fresh video contents of your own. You can select categories, but don't use other's content that could give you a strike. 
  • Make sure you create at least 10 minute long video contents, longer contents are much better. 
  • Now aim for subscribers by asking your viewers to subscribe by leaving  a message in the middle or end of the Video.
  • When you are done achieving 2,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers, appy for the YouTube monetization programme. 

Things to notice :

When you are aiming to earn from youtube, you have to make sure that you follow all the rules of Youtube partner policy. 

  • If you get 3 strike row, then you’re account and the Channel will get removed and alk of your hard-works be spread all over the floor. So,  it is bette not to do anything that could lead you to strikes. 
  • Once you publish a Video on YouTube doesn’t mean that you’ll receive a million views right after. You have to wait and share you videos in social platforms. 
  • You have to continuously upload new and fresh contents in your YouTube channel. 

How to get more views,? 

To get more views or increase views, you can do some YouTube SEO. Make a good use if the keywords placement, find matching keywords and create a matching title. Give a long description to your content. And make sure that your content is actually useful to someone. 

By doing everything correctly you can convert your channel into an money supplying Source. 

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