How to practice SEO search engine optimization

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (seo) is the process of improving a site's search engine ranking/appearance. This process isn’t easy for new bloggers. To become an SEO specialist bloggers have to practice the common methods of seo. This process has been divided into 2, On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. On page search engine optimization is the process of improving every internal (can be optimized) part of a site. Meanwhile, Off-page SEO is the process of improving your site's external side such as Domain authority, Page authority, backlinks, social presence etc.While learning the search engine optimization process, it is also important to practice these methods and improve your practical knowledge. But to practice SEO, you will need to work on a site or in your blog. It is very wise to practice SEO on your own blog (If you have one). But this doesn’t mean that you will need to invest money and create one. Instead you can easily practice the basic methods of seo on some free platforms that allows you to create a blog site for free.

Platform to practice SEO (search engine optimization) 

Creating a free blog is a good option for you to practice SEO without investing or paying for any course. You don’t need to be a pre-professional to be able to create a blog and manage and practice SEO, creating a blog on free platforms is like creating a Facebook Page. And you’re just gonna practice the methods of seo so there is no need for you to make it look professional. You can just rehearsal every process step by step from the beginning to the end. And you'll need to choose a free platform to practice, free platforms such as Blogger, Wix,, Medium etc. In my perspective I will suggest you to use Blogger to create a free blog. Blogger is second after WordPress and has some features that allow you to create a professional looking blog and earn money. However, Blogger is only for Blogging, you cannot make a website. Still this is perfect for new bloggers to practice both SEO and blogging. It is also very simple to create a Blogger blog, you just have to select a name and an address, and you're done. However Blogger is absolutely free with limited features, this makes Blogger a bit difficult platform for beginners. And that's why I recommend Blogger for new bloggers because beginners will be practicing Search engine optimization with good efforts.

Blogger Facilities

Blogger is free and users have full access to their blog's source code. However bloggers have kept some access only to them to make the experience of new bloggers more easier and smoother. You don’t need to know advance codings or something, you can easily modify your blog if you know the basics. This is why over 500 million online users have chosen Blogger to blog for free. And Some even earn 500$ or more per month from their Blogger's blog. Blogger has an option that connects the user's blog with Google's adsense when the blog gets eligible for monetization. And this is why Blogger is a best option for new bloggers to practice the process of search engine optimization for better learning.

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