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Are you a Facebook user who has been using Facebook for years and still don't know how to make money from it?

Facebook is a social media platform with over 2 billion active users. though most of the users only  use Facebook to pass their time or to share their feelings on an online platform. But on Facebook there is more than just sharing feelings with friends. 

Yes! There are many possible ways of making money from Facebook. And in this article I am gonna describe all the details I know that can help you to  make money from Facebook. 

How to make money from Facebook :

While using Facebook you can do a lot of things. You can join groups or create your own group. You can also create a personal page of your own. And you are able to share your own contents on your page or group. Now let's come to the point , users are able to make money by monetizing their page or group's contents.  But these contents have to be copyright free.

How to get eligible for Facebook monetization? 

To be able to monetize your Facebook contents, you need to make sure that 

  • make sure your page is receiving Daily views. 
  • Make sure your contents are receiving likes and users are commenting. 
  • make sure that there is no copyright in your content. 

 And you're all set!

How to create a Facebook Page?

To create a personal page in Facebook you have to First log in To your account through facebook App and then tap onto the three lines you'll see on the top right corner.  Now scroll down and you’ll see the Page section, click on that and you'll find a create page option.

While creating a page make sure you choose a name that describes your page's contents. 

How to create a Facebook group?  

First log in to your Facebook account through the app and then click on the three lines you'll get to see on the top right corner. Now, scroll down and find the Group section, click on that and you’ll see an option that says 'groups you manage' click on that and you’ll find the create a group option. Now create a group and name it. The group's name should be more interesting and exceptional. Also make sure that you name the group that describes the whole concept of the group. 

You can also create a product or service by buying and selling pages or groups to make money. Many affiliate marketers are using Facebook pages and groups to sell their products and services to make money. I'll try to cover this subject in another post. 

Last words:

Confidence is everything, you need to have enough confidence in everything to succeed. If you have good faith in yourself and in your work, then you can make money out of anything. However, overconfidence works exactly opposite. Don’t get cocky with your work because you cannot succeed if it does not work.

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