What is Blogging? BD free course for new bloggers

What is Blogging

Hello guys, Assalam alaikum, I hope you are fine and safe. This is a free course content for new bloggers and since the content is in English, anyone who knows English can read and understand this content. The process and guidelines I'll describe in this article is the same for everyone (In country, or abroad). So while reading this content make sure that you try to understand the steps and notes I'll mention. 

So this is gonna be a free course for new bloggers and I will try to make this content as easy as I can for beginners. I will end this course in 5 parts and at the end of every course I'll mention the title of the next course. 


This content is set to end within 5 parts:

1.What is Blogging?

2.How to start blogging? 

3.how to write a blog?

4.how to rank a blog?

5.Adsense eligibility guidelines.

Make sure you read this full content without scrolling to the main parts. You will not understand anything if you just scroll down and end the content with main parts.

What is Blogging? 

Writing is a skill/talent of describing something(A subject, environment, topic, story etc.) with words. With the Power of words we can easily share our own feelings and true information with people. An Author loves to write poems, articles, stories etc. It could be any topic or subject that you want to write and share with readers. Online is a place where all the global readers search to gather information from text content.

Some may want to read/know and some may want to write, this is the cycle of human nature. In the past, people used to share content with paper and pen. However, the past is not the present and we are living in a world where the Internet is everything.

In this modern world, we can easily write anything by typing on keyboards. We don’t need that old paper and pen method anymore. And just like that, sharing content with thousands of readers has become easy for every article writer. 

Now, to share your own content(Article) with thousands of readers, you can easily create a website(refers to a web page) to upload and share content through links. A Website will store all of your content and make a hyperlink address for each and every published content. The links will help readers to view and read your contents. Viewers will be able to leave comments on your contents to let you know how they feel about your articles. And if you want to share your contents with global readers, then you can simply add your website on search engines like Google.

A search engine is just like a broker that will collect all of your website's links and publish them on its own page for worldwide online users. The website that will store your contents and create links for readers to view and read is known as a Blog Page or Blog. And this whole concept /process of sharing articles with online users is known to the world as Blogging. 

In my next content I'll be writing on How to start blogging.  

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