How to start blogging? BD free blogging course


How to start blogging? Bd online blogging course  

Welcome to BD online and pro blogging tips ( Today in this article, you will learn about how to start a blog. But if you don't know What blogging is, you can read my previous article where I gave a proper analysis of blogging. Hence, this course will be ending in 5 parts and each part will be about Blogging and earning money from a blog. You can check the overview to know more about the upcoming course title to get more hints about this course.


This content will end in 5 parts:

 1.What is Blogging?

 2.How to start blogging? to write a blog? to rank a blog? 

5.Adsense eligibility guidelines.

How to start blogging? 

If you have a laptop or desktop, blogging is very easy, but it is also possible to blog with your smartphone, but it is very difficult. That's why It is recommended for every blogger to have a desktop or laptop for blogging.

There are many free platforms(Blogger,Wordpress, Wix,Medium etc.) that allow you to create a blog for free.Or you can buy premium hosting and create a self-hosted site for yourself. A self-hosted site will be costly, however a self-hosted wordpress site is better for blogging. But if you want to learn about blogging with practical knowledge, then a free host blogging platform like Blogger, Wix etc. is the best recommendation for you. 

Anyone can easily create a blog on Blogger, WordPress etc platforms but for beginners I would recommend Blogger as the best free platform that will help you learn blogging and earn)l money.

Here are five key pointers in moving your blog forward.

  1. Choose a niche for your blog. The niche refers to the category that your blog is based on.
  2. Choose a unique name for your blog. The name of the blog should match the blog niche.
  3. Buy a domain name for your blog. Make sure your domain name is unique, concise, and matches the title of your blog. (You can buy domain names from or other similar domain providers.)
  4. Create a About, Disclaimer, Communication and Privacy Policy page about your blog. These pages will help visitors learn more about your blog and its policies.
  5. If you want to make your contents  available on search engines (Google, Bing etc.) , then you'll need to add your site to the search console. Also, in order to rank your blog in search engines, you need to do on-page and off-page SEO of your site.

So there you go,  5 key points to know if you are interested in blogging

Managing a blog is no different than managing a website. However, a blog is different from a website in many ways. If you want to know the difference between a website and a blog, make sure you are tuned with this site. Because we answer everything relevant to blogging and profit making.

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