What is Blogging for beginners?

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is undoubtedly one of the best ways of making money online . It is possible to make desired income through Blogging. Some are seeing it as freelancing and some are assuming it as a method of publishing news contents online. 

But it is possible to publish contents rather than publishing only news type contents. In short, publishing your own text and image combined contents in a online page is the whole concept of Blogging. 

In Today's modern world, Pro Blogging isn’t dead. Though it is the oldest and yet running wild. People create their own blog and publish their own created contents in their blog. Meanwhile the reason behind creating a blog could be different. It is not compulsory that everyone should contain the same motive behind creating and moderating a blog. Some people create blogs only to share their own feelings through content with thousands of online users. Some even do blogging only to make a path of income through it. Yes!  It is possible to earn money if you have a blog and your own contents. The process of making money from a blog is simple and easy. You just have to make sure that your blog is eligible for monetization.

Monetization is the only official process that can help a blog to earn for the visitors and views. You can also make money through selling products or sponsors. Selling personal consultant service is also another way of making income through blogging. But people mostly are going with the monetizing method to make an income out of their blog.

Some people often misguide others with videos and they discuss how blogging is dead in the modern era. In the modern world, blogging is still as much working out as it was before. You can just create a blog of your own from the free sites (Blogger,Wordpress, Wix) and post your own contents to gain traffic. The better your visitors count goes, the better your earning goes. Though free sites never gives you premium domains for free. So, you have to buy a domain from the cheapest domain name providers and connect the domain to your blog. To make your Blogging career more easy i will suggest you to start with Blogger. This website is also a blog of Blogger.com and as you can see how much hard work i have done to make this blog look stylish and cool. This is only my dedication towards my work. This is the only thing that helps you to success in Blogging. 

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