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It is very common for users not to follow a blog after reading or before reading the content. Not everybody is interested in following your blog. More than half of your daily visitors will likely ignore the following widget installed in your Blogger blog. Others will think and if your blog is appealing enough, then you can get few followers connected with your blog.

I hope that you know all the benefits of having blog followers. Followers are like daily visitors to your blog. Or you can call them old customers of your business. 

The large number of followers you will have, the more daily visitors you can get from them. Imagine your blog has a number of 20 followers and you have just published a post in your blog, now there is a high possibility of 10-15 users to come back to your blog and read that content And others will only ignore that content. That's why followers are important in every field. For blogs or websites, a large number of followers are your daily visitors. 

So, how to increase your Blogger blog followers

— It is possible to increase your blog's followers by making your blog more appealing for the users. But this isn’t enough to get you more than enough followers. For most of the blog, Following system is the only reason users follow the blog. Also in some cases, too many following  steps can cause a user to ignore your whole following steps and bounce back.

So 🇧🇩if your blog is appealing enough and your follow us process us easy, then you can easily get visitors to follow your blog. 

A one click following Process is even more appealing for users but in Blogger this isn't an easy process. 

Although, there is a follow me widget available in the Blogger system for bloggers. But this widget only allows Blogger users to follow your blog and remain updated with your every contents. This isn’t a bad idea either because if you can manage some or more Blogger users to follow your blog, you will have a) numbered daily visitors. Not every blog has stupid following widget installed. In Wordpress, you can easily get someone to follow your blog within a click. Though It's not possible in Blogger but we can still make the follow us widget more appealing for users. 

There are two options in Blogger, 1. Subscribe feedburner 2. Follow and both are okay for Bloggers blog. But recently Google has notified us that the feedburner subscription is no longer available to use or will be no longer available in Blogger as a widget. So it is best to go with the alternatives and set up the blog.

First, you have found a feedburner alternative that lets you use a subscription service for free. You will learn complete guidelines of how to install the subscription service in Blogger from that site. But I will tell you that you can install everything in Blogger if It's a piece of html code. One can add any html widget in blogger with the html/javascript widget option. So you can also add a subscription widget in Blogger with the help of html/javascript gadget.

Stylish follow me widget is always recommended. You can get someone follow you if your following widget looks stylish. 

How to increase Blogger followers :

— as I mentioned above, a stylish look is needed to make your following widget appealing to visitors. 

You can use custom stylish looking 'Follow this blog' html code in your Blogger's blog. 

You can share your blog on social platforms to make an existence of your blog. Facebook follow button is another option you can use in your blog to get visitors to follow your Facebook page. You know, Facebook could be another alternative to Feedburner. You can drive your Facebook followers to your blog.  This will be easier and also a working process. You can easily get a huge number of social followers into your blog. However, it Isn't easy to drive a Facebook user to your blog. It takes a huge amount of luring strategy to do it. Though blog visitors from social platforms aren’t too well for a blog. This is bad when you are earning through adsense's ads.

So, getting followers from Google is important. And you can get followers from YouTube as well. 

Youtube is an awesome method to increase your blog's followers. I mean, create a YouTube channel and publish videos and ask users to follow your blog through the Video content. Though It's not that easy as it says, it is an effective method. 

Another method is, 

Target new social platform's users. There are hundreds of new social platforms that have been created and running. But we don’t get to know anything about them, because they haven’t become famous yet. By targeting these new social sites, you can get a good amount of followers to your blog.

But you only have to make sure that users watch your videos. Because if no one sees your video, then no one will know anything about following your blog. This is why you have to create contents that users will watch.


In the end I will like to say that I have given a little short and simple tips to you guys. I know that I haven't mentioned any platform directly to use or any method or process. I only tried to give a hint to you guys about how you can actually increase your followers. I am sure that you all will be able to increase your blog's followers after reading this content. However, I can't guarantee that your Blog followers will increase because everything depends on your dedication and hard work.

But in sha Allah, I hope that you will get the hint and learn how to increase blogger blog's followers. 

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