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Interviewing for a job is a very important process, it is very important to leave an acceptable impression during the process of interviewing for a job. However, during this epidemic, many job seekers became unemployed and started looking for jobs online. However, in almost every full-time job you will be asked for an interview. Interviews help an organization determine your commitment to your work. And because of the COVID-19 situation, many companies have started taking job interviews online. This can be a new experience or a problem for some people because not everyone is adequately prepared for the job interview. For some users, however, a live interview may be different and more complex than usual.
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    Online Live Interview 

    Online live interview is an interrogation system that takes place through the connection between the interrogator and the person to be interrogated. The interrogation process will determine whether the desired person is suitable for the job. If this whole process is based online,  then it will be done through the internet. Online interviews versus face-to-face interviews, there are some dilemmas, both good and the opposite, but how an interviewer understands your thinking depends on your professionalism and experience.. Many find it difficult to interview online for work, although most job interviews in Western countries today are conducted directly online, and remote recruitment rates have risen sharply during the epidemic. Although we have cultural differences, Western behaviors often have an impact on other countries. So here are some tips for your online live interview.

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     live interview tips

    Live interviews only occur between employers and job seekers. No face to face meeting is required, and you will be interviewing in front of your camera. To Impress an interviewer over the screen would be tough but cannot be hardcore. 

    1 Practice spoken English. 

    During an interview & especially in most of the interviews talk-in-english matters a lot. Through your fluency in english you might get a better position, or the interviewer might select you for your knowledge & fluency in English. 

    2 good lighting systems

    Adequate lighting is required during live interviews. Especially if the interview is taken at night. Lighting arrangements must be good during the online live interview. If the appearance is not properly visible during the interview, it can affect your interview. 

    3 Crystal-Clear sound system 

    Many people often prepare for the online interview with their earphones, however, in this case I would suggest everyone to use an external mic(such as Boya) to send a clear voice during the interview. 

    4 best device 

    Computer or laptop would be a better choice for an interview. Although mobile devices are compatible for live conversations, a computer is still advisable for an interview.

    5 professional looking outfit & clean background

    Although it will be in front of a computer screen, it will be very helpful to present yourself as an experienced and professional worker. An interviewer monitors your emotional state through your getup & setup. This is why your professional getup will give the interviewers a good indication of your personality and force them to think about how experienced and dedicated a worker you can become.

    6 knowledge in general Information 

    It is also very important to have a good knowledge of general information for online interviews, it is very predictable that tough questions will be asked by the interviewers. You will also be asked additional general questions in order to determine your job prospects.

    7 stable wifi connection 

    High speed internet connection is very important for your interview.A stable internet connection will help you connect with the interviewer without interruption and maintain long-term stability.

    8 practice everything before starting 

    You will become more relevant by practicing how to connect with the interviewer properly. This will help keep your restless mind calm. Practice until the interview time starts.

    Which is better: a live interview or face-2-face? 

    Many would believe that an online live interview is easier and simpler, however, I believe that a face to face interview is much more safer & preferable for job seekers. In Online interviews there are high chances of scams & mistakes. And this is why Face to Face a real interview where you’ll be able to connect with the interviewer directly is much more acceptable. 


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