Top 5 Hacking internet safety tips for students

     Privacy stealing Hackers


    In this modern world, the Internet is everywhere to help us. However, even though the Internet was created to help the society, some people use the internet to create a disturbance to this society by hacking other people's privacy. It is a shame to this society that there are people with a mindset of a criminal. However things can't be undone and the present cannot be reversed according to us. And that's why I believe that "Prevention is better than cure".


    There are 2 groups of hackers in our surroundings, one is called White hat hackers and the other is Black hat Hackers. The white hat hackers refers to those who have no intention in taking over your privacy, instead they serve their life to help the country to point down the location of black hat hackers, criminals and hack other countries' systems in order to help the government with necessary information.

     However Black hat hackers are the opposite, they target rich and famous people, sometimes random people and access their mobile devices or accessible devices to hack their(targeted people’s) privacy. Black Hat Hackers could blackmail or intentionally ruin someone's life by leaking private media files on the internet. 


    Recently, some black hackers are targeting female and male students and leaking their private photos and videos over the internet. However with the help of the internet these black hat hackers are successfully hiding their location. However to help students, we are here with 5 internet safety tips for students to save their privacy from unauthorized persons. 

    1. Don’t let unprotected websites access your smartphone's camera.

    A hacker can easily record your private time photos and videos with the camera of your mobile. You can't even notice what will happen to your phone. You will not receive any indication that someone is recording you without your permission. This is how the personal photos and videos of many celebrities were leaked on the internet. And for students, these hackers will access your camera and create an MMS of yours and can blackmail you for a huge amount of money. This can only happen by giving your phone's camera access to insecure websites.

    2. Don't give Access to Media files permission to any websites without reading their Privacy Policy 

    Some Fraudsters create temporary websites for Internet users. They set various traps online for Internet users, but the worst problem is that black hackers always keep an eye on those fake websites to gain access to your storage through those temporary websites. Meanwhile, by pressing the permission option you are allowing someone who does not know your identity to access your entire storage. That's why you should always read the privacy policy of any site that you use often. Also check for a site's SSL certificate. How to know if a site has ssl enabled? http:// sites are now no more permitted to be used or accessed by Google Chrome. However, when a site enables ssl certification the protocol becomes https:// and every ssl enabled websites are safe for users because they are safe from hackers but not from scammers. So make sure what website you’re using and what kind of response you’re receiving. Never give your credit card number and personal information to a website without knowing anything about that site.

    3. Don't click on spammy links shared on social platforms and others platforms. 


    A black hacker chooses spammy links as one of the best ways to hack your smartphone. Many spammy links are being spread on social platforms like Facebook these days. These links are nothing more than a snare to get full access to someone's smart device. Black hackers use these links to lure someone and then get his /her personal information without leaving a hint. Well these scammed links are some kind of virus that creates multiple self-copy right after entering into your smart device. This multiple self-copy creates a copy of your entire data and privacy and then sends them to black hacker. You will notice that most of the time your phone storage is filled with unreasonably unknown and inaccessible files.

    4. Don’t give your phone access permission to Mod Application and games.

    Mod games and applications are incomplete and a master copy of its real version. There are many bugs and broken source code that make them easy to break and access. Mod apps are the ideal medium for a hacker to hack your entire phone while you are busy playing a mod game. In a few minutes your whole phone will be accessed by an unauthorized person who has no good intentions.

    5. Don't share any personal details with unknown social users.


    It will start with an 'Hi' and end up being blackmailed by a hacker for a huge amount of money. Many hackers have started to use fake social accounts to use them in hacking someone's privacy. For example, all of a sudden someone sent you a hi in your inbox, you answered too and from there in just a few days you formed a good bond with that person. After a while the person starts sending you photos of him and claims that these are his real pictures. After half a day the person will start pressuring you to give your photo, and after a while curiously you will send him your photos and then the person will start to be very honest and appreciate your beauty and ask you for a private photo. Out of curiosity and faith you have sent your personal photos and the next day you see that the person's social account has been deactivated. And later you can discover your personal photos all over the internet. And all this was nothing but a trap and his pictures were also fake. In most cases, many have committed suicide after falling into such traps and some even paid huge amount of money to disclose the matter. 

    How to know if your smartphone is actually hacked by someone? 

    There are no true signs that your phone is being accessed by an unauthorized person, but there are some common signs that your phone may have been hacked.

    The mobile is getting hot while it is off

    Discovering files that has no need

    Phone's camera Automatically starts

    Phone getting too slow and delays processing your every command etc.

    What to do? 


    Delete unnecessary files from your storage, uninstall mod application, don’t give the camera access permission to any unauthorized site or application. If you think that your phone has been hacked by an unauthorized person, then immediately remove your Phone’s battery from it, or if your phone has a fixed or unremovable battery, then immediately dispatch the additional memory card if patched and reboot your device.

    Privacy is meant to be private, they shouldn’t get leaked.

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