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Google admob

    Google admob network

    It is one of the largest global advertising networks companies that fills ad requests from anywhere in the world. Claiming to serve as much as 40 billion mobile banner and text ads per month across mobile Web sites and handset applications. It was founded by Omar Hamoui (partner at Mucker Capital, was a partner at Sequoia Capital) and incorporated on April 10, 2006. It was acquired by Google for 750$ million in November 2009 and the acquisition was completed on May 27, 2010. However, Google wasn't the only company to recognise admob, In the same time Apple Inc. also showed its interest in purchasing admob. However Apple.Inc was out of bid & Google purchased admob by winning the bid for 750$ million. Since admob was purchased by Google, it acquired Advertising developing company AdWhirl, formerly Adrollo, that develops advertisements in IPhone applications. Provides advertising options for many mobile platforms, for example; Android, iOS, webOS, Flash Lite, Windows Phone and all standard mobile web browsers.

    admob sign up / how to create admob account 

    AdMob uses a Google publisher account to send you payments, and a Google Ads account to run house ads and direct deals

    To sign up for Google Admob account all you will need do is:

    1. Create a Google account / sign in to your existing account.

    2. If you have an existing Google publisher account, you don’t need to complete the following form to create them for you.

    3. Select Country or territory

    4. Select Time zone 

    5. Select Billing currency

    6. accept Terms & Conditions

    7. Signature  up to your Admob Account

    Admob - mobile advertising network in 2021

    Since the introduction of Google admob, it has been the most used mobile advertising platform of all. It gives about 20–50 cents per 1000 banner ad impressions. Average CPM around all Android devices is 2 USD money, and 5 USD for all iOS hardware.

    Do you have to pay to admob?

    —  No. Admob doesn’t charge any money from its users. There is no such a report that says that admob costs or charges for its services.

    How to make money in Admob? 

    Google admob lets you earn money by monetizing mobile apps. It takes 30 percent of your total revenue and gives the rest 70% revenue to admob users. It creates the best opportunity for you to make money from both Android and IOS platforms. You can make more money by showing more ads. However, you cannot use a double or multiple admob account on the same application because it's not legal according to their policy.

    Admob Ads

    Google admob is a monetizing system for native mobile applications. Google makes it easier for mobile application developers to use the AdMob mobile ad network, so that the advertisers could get their ads integrated into mobile apps. Google Admob mobile app displays the most CPC ads to its viewers, this ensures that every advertiser can earn more. Ads created on Google ads could appear on mobile applications through admob network, because Admob is dependent on Google ads to support certain functionality. However, this doesn't leave any effect on the ads revenue.

    Why choose Google admob?

    - Reliable and trustworthy, Google ensures that app developers do not need to choose different monetization partners for their mobile applications. With Google Security and so many years of trust, Google Admob is undoubtedly a trusted network that never denies to pay. Millions of users worldwide have used and reviewed their experiences with the Google AdMob network.

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