Online income BD payment bKash - Idea to earn Money Online!

Online income, bd payment bkash

    Make money online without any investment !

    Money is important for everyone. However, earning money is something that is hard-working. And without investment, earning is nearly impossible. There are people claiming to make you money without any investment. Many of them are wicked people. They will scam you and there are chances that they will hack your private information.

    Good people choose to work hard to earn money. Because the chances of making money that way is high. Digital world has improved our lives a lot. Our present life is way better than our past. However, it didn't make our life the best. Earning is still dependent on our working. 

    Is Online Money Making Easy?


    Earning money online is as hardworking as working in real life. However, earning online is respectable and has more money than one can earn in real life. It also has a good pattern of working. You can become an online money maker by doing, freelancing, outsourcing, web designing, online marketer etc. There are lots of sections available for you to choose and work. One of the reasons online money making is so popular among young and mature people is that you can work by staying home. All you'll need is a good internet connection and a laptop/ computer/ smart device.


    Since the topic is about online money - payment bKash/ Nagad, I will try to cover everything related to online earning and relevant queries. Online money making process is not simple, nor impossible. Freelancing, Outsourcing, Blogging etc. at present day people have lots of options to become online money seekers. However , there are more ways available to make money. Instead of choosing complicated and must-be-skilled routes, you should give them a try.

    Want to know more? Keep reading!

    In BD (Bangladesh), there are a lot of ways to make money online and withdraw in your bKash or nagad account. Today I'll tell you how to make money online and withdraw money to your bKash.

    To make money online all you have to do is get visitors to your fb page. What! I bet, it's unconventional for you to think.

    Social platforms - online Money - payment bKash,Nagad,Paypal, Bank account etc.

    I'm not telling you to create an FB page and monetize it, No!, in this article the topic is different and unique. Money is important and no one can gain money without working. So in this article, I am going to show you guys a different process of working that can change the way you see Facebook or other social platforms.

     How to make money online ?

    To earn money online, here are 5steps that will help you to make money online and withdraw into your bKash.

    1. Take online courses of online work, choose a field you think will be good for you.
    2. Complete your course
    3. Create a group or page in social platforms 
    4. Promote your page
    5. Sell your services and accept payment in bKash.

    It's time to get paid for your services, learn something you can help others with. Something like website customizer, content writer, Blog post Image designer, logo designer, SEO specialist etc. These works are easy to learn and easy to help others with.

    How I started,

    I started taking courses to learn how to build a website and manage content, then I practiced doing search engine optimization on my site. At first, everything was so hype that I was lacking behind. As soon as I realized that things can go far only if I let things go furterer.  I cannot win a race If i don't know the map. Finding a way is necessary, whether you choose shortcut or long cut it depends on you. And social media platforms helped me to get an idea of selling services online and receive small amounts of payments through bKash, Nagad or PayPal.

    What was the first amount I received ?

    The first time I received payments for my services weren't too big or too small. I received 10$ for spending an hour. But still thinking of that time, I think it was the thing that i really enjoyed that time. So if you have any service to sell online, then don't hesitate. This is the era of online based socialization. 

    Why not search online works in Freelancer, Fiverr or Upwork ?

    It is better to find projects on marketplaces such as Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork etc. However, when you want to start your online career without any delay you can always find instant work on social platforms.

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