What is backlinks and how to create quality backlinks on blog

It is very important for new bloggers to know about backlinks, such as backlink kya hai and backlink kaise banaye for your blog. For complete information about backlinks, you read this post.

Backlink is an essential part for Search Engine Optimization, especially to rank your post on top in search engine. But there are many myths in the mind of most bloggers about backlinks, today I am going to clear all those doubts.

What is backlinks

Do you know Backlinks can spoil your reputation and blacklist your website in Google search!

Yes, your site will benefit or it will suffer from backlinks, it depends on what kind of backlinks you create. There are many factors that make the difference between a good backlink and a bad backlink. But before that you have to understand what is backlink.

Backlinks – What is Backlink in English

Backlink is a link that goes from other website to your website. Meaning if another website gives a link to your website, then you get Backlink.

Backlinks are also called "inbound links" or "incoming links".

“Backlink” named so, because the site creates a link that points back to you.

If you give a link to any blogpost of mine (OyePandeyji.com) on your blog, then whenever a visitor will come to my blog by clicking on that link, then I will get a backlink from your site.

When a blog links your article, it passes a Link Juice. This link juice helps to rank your article on the search engine and also improves your domain authority.

As can be seen in the image below, there is a link to Your Website on Website A, B, C, D due to which Your Website is getting 4 backlinks.

backlinks in English

Earlier backlink was the most important factor to rank your article in the search engine. The more backlinks your post will rank higher in Google. To rank their blog at the top, people used to make full backlinks. Some people had made it their business!

That is, earlier the quality of backlinks did not matter. People used to use black hat SEO and spammy websites, but now after the new update in Google algorithm, how is the quality of the backlink also has to be paid attention to. Otherwise your blog may also be penalized in Google search.

Note: Now it is necessary to have backlinks from quality sites and if your blog is about traveling then the backlink created for it should be from traveling and its related site.

Now let us talk about the importance of backlink, why it is beneficial for SEO of your blog.

Importance of Backlinks

Whenever you create a backlink, search engines consider those links as "votes" for your website. That is, search engines think that your content is genuine, valuable, credible and useful.

So the more votes you have, the higher your site will rank in Google and other search engines. Before creating a backlink, you should come to Keyword Research and On-Page SEO, only then it will be more effective. Let us now know about the benefits of this.

1. Improve Search Ranking

The main purpose of creating backlinks is to get search engine ranking. Mainly, most of the traffic on the blog comes from the search engine itself, so the backlink is the main source of organic ranking on your blog or rather, the main source of traffic.

If the backlink is of high quality, relevant to the niche, the correct keyword has been used in the anchor text, and has a dofollow, then Google will improve the ranking of the post on that keyword.

2. Referral Traffic

The traffic that comes to your blog not from the search engine but through your link from another blog is called referral traffic. The link of your blog post / page on the website with more visitors also increases the traffic.

Generally referral traffic is related to the targeted niche and its bounce rate is also low. This makes people trust your blog and helps in building a brand on the particular niche.

3. Fast Indexing

Especially on a new blog, the post is not indexed quickly, in this backlink helps the search engine bots to index your post by crawling it and your post is quickly discovered in Google. It has been seen that blogs that have more backlinks, their posts get indexed on Google in a few seconds and some posts on new blogs also take 10-15 days to get indexed.

Types of Backlinks

There are 2 types of backlinks, one is Dofollow backlink and the other is Nofollow backlink.

Which backlink should you create and on which type of backlink you will get more benefit, for this you need to know about these two.

1: DoFollow Backlink

By default, whatever link you give to another website in a blog post is a dofollow backlink. Along with Google, the Dofollow link is also followed by all search engines and users.

Note: Do not compare it with internal link. When we link from one page to another page within the same domain, it is called internal link.

When the site owner provides you with a dofollow link, it passes the link juice to your site. Creating quality backlinks can give you a high rank in the search engine and it also increases your domain authority.

Use Anchor text while creating backlink, it means that you link to any website or webpage through a particular keyword.

DoFollow Link Structure: <a href="Website or Blog Post URL">Keyword</a>

Suppose, you are giving backlink on one of my posts, the anchor text used here is "on-page optimization technique".

Looking at the screenshot, how is it looking like a normal link, but in the backend, the link is something like this.

<a href="https://example.com/2018/07/on-page-seo-hindi.html">on-page optimization technique</a>

2: NoFollow Backlink

The main difference between Dofollow or Nofollow backlinks is that the dofollow link can be found in search engines and hum.

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