Is Blogging worth doing in 2021?

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A free field to work where your the Boss and your the employee. When we think about doing online jobs or becoming a freelancer, doing blogging is the first thought to hit our mind. Is it worth trying? A lot of questions get generated in our thoughts at that moment.

Honesty, there are a lot of questions available on the internet about Blog and blogging. Not many know the way blogging works and not many have the skills or the talents to do it. This is why many start taking lots of blogging courses and also watch lots of videos on YouTube. But as it goes far, not many remain on the same path. Some lose hope and some get exhausted from learning the process. 

Now some people will seriously think that blogging has no difficulties and it's easy. There were times when my thoughts on Blogging were the same. But everything shattered when I took myself into the world of Blogging and bloggers. It is really hard to believe that in such a short time the world of blogging has developed that much. Blogging is a different part of technology in our life. What we do and what we do to live is entirely different from one another. And this is why there are rumours and myths available about blogging. 

Some beginners are thinking that blogging is dead and it isn’t worthy as it was back in 2-3 years ago. Some are saying that blogging has become harder than before. Meanwhile, some are succeeding in blogging and claiming to be experts in the blogging world. So what is true? Are the myths and rumours true? In this content we will find out exactly what is the truth. 

Is it worth becoming a blogger :

In 1998 the first blogging platform 'open diary' was introduced to internet as the platform for online users who want to share their text contents. But as the year passed, the platforms were increased and the features were enhanced and new options were added. In short, the era of blogging just got started. People were thrilled and competitions started.  It didn’t take long to set the competition in the blogging world. People all over the world started to create blogs and free blogs, some were doing only to share content and some started to make an income.  Though at first not many languages were supported by Google. But now Google supports almost every language. So all over the world, people can start a blog of their own without thinking of the language. 

Since the competition is high, the quality and policy of Google also changed a lot. Though Google policy will always change as it is an ever changing process. 

These days, there are over a billion blogs available on the internet. This is the fact that so many myths and rumours of Blogging appeared. Since the competition becomes more competitive and the number of bloggers increases, people started to think that Blogging is dead and not worth doing. Honestly, I cannot blame them for thinking such things. Now not many can handle the pressure of Blogging. The work is more, and the process is hard.

The moral of the story is that Blogging Isn't Dead and Nor unworthy of doing. It was just updated by the era and people are rapidly starting blogging. So the competition is higher for beginners. Finding a lower competitive niche is rare and ranking in Google is super difficult.  So Blogging isn’t dead, instead Blogging has become the common online work of many. Many people are earning from their established blogs. The money is acceptable if we compare the profit with the work we had to do. We are able to earn the right amount of money and some even earn a hundred dollars a day. That's just how it is working these days.

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