How to use Facebook to drive traffic to your website

blog views from Facebook

When it's about blog views, social platforms are one of the best choices to increase your blog's daily views. Famous and multi-million with businesses also use social platforms to create large followers for their products.

So why can't you use the power of social platforms for your blog contents as well? You are fully free to use social platforms for your own purpose. And talking of social platforms, Facebook is the no1 leading social platform that has over 2 billion users active and yet to grow more. This freaking social platform is the world's largest social platform and the first choice of every business marketer.

Now, you can also choose Facebook to grow your blog's views. Imagine if two billion online users are active in one platform, then you can easily direct users to your blog through referring. 

blog views from Facebook

How to direct visitors to your blog from Facebook?

This process will be easy. To be able to get traffic from Facebook, you'll need to create an account on Facebook. But, if you already have an existing account in Facebook, then you have to create a Facebook page and a Facebook group.

You'll need to post your blog's content link in your Facebook page and Group. Also, you have to daily invite your Facebook friends and users to like, follow and join your Facebook group and page.

Once users start to like your page and join your group, you'll be receiving good responses on your Facebook. Users will like your posts and they will visit the sites you'll share in your Facebook page or group. But remember, you have to stay active and post in your group and page regularly. The more active you stay on Facebook, the more people will get to know you.

You don’t need to post 1,000+ words contents in your Facebook page or group. You can just create a short post that describes something and share your blog's link below and post it in your page or group. Regularly inviting users in your page or group will help you to increase your followers and group members. Thus you will receive Daily blog views from Facebook.

Facebook page and groups ain't the only option, Facebook ads service are another way of marketing your blog on Facebook to receive traffic. But this will cost you so i am not suggesting you to choose Facebook ads service for a better result. I'll try to cover more about Facebook ads service in another content. So make sure you follow this site and stay updated with all of our upcoming contents. 


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