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Do you want to make money Blog?

Hey welcome to this blog. Do you want to learn how to make money from blogs? If you do, then you're in the right place. Because today I will be guiding you to blogging. Today, you'll learn how to make a blog that makes money. And also In this content I'll show you the best tips to make a blog that earns money. So, tight up your seatbelts and start reading below…

Guide To Money Blog —  Making a blog that earns money is a real deal for beginners. No matter what you do, there are always new obstacles that will appear before you. This is why most bloggers end up failing on running a blog successfully. But proper knowledge and guidelines could save your day. If you know the tricks, then you will know what is the core of blogging. 


Before creating a blog of your own, you'll need to know everything about blogs and blogging. This will give you the upper hand against blogging. Free Courses or free guiding videos, video contents are the best method of learning anything instantly. Once you learn every process of blogging from down to top, you'll become ready to start and run a blog.


Platform :

If you’re ready to blog, then choose a platform that you want to use to blog. A blogging platform will store all of your contents and your media files and will give you all the services you need to blog easily. There are wordpress and Blogger platforms that allow you to blog free. But wordpress platform will be limited with free features unless you pay for everything. Meanwhile, Blogger platform will be limited with features but you won't be able to buy any new features because Blogger has only 25 or 26 built in features and doesn’t contain any premium tools. There are more blogging platforms available such as Wix,joomla, hubpage and many more. But Wordpress and Blogger are the two most used platforms on the internet. And I would recommend you to use Blogger as a beginner. Blogger doesn’t only allow you to earn but also it is the best idea to use Blogger when you want to learn more about Blogging. 

Domain Name :

After creating a blog in your selected platform, you'll need a Domain name. Domain name is a web address that refers to your blog page. Users are able to view and visit your blog through your blog's Domain name. But if you are thinking of creating a blog or website on a hosting, then you have to buy a hosting with a domain name. 

You have to buy a domain name that refers well to your blog's Title. It is important because users will often try to visit your blog directly through the domain address. So a simple and easy referring Domain name is must.

Content Niche:

What your writing and posting in your Blog is really important for your blog. Because the subject defines your niche and helps you to rank. So you have to go easy with your contents. You have to do research and select niches. If you're going to post multiple niches in your blog, then this will set your entire blog into a multi niche blog. But if you're posting the same niche contents in your Blog, then search engines think of your blog as a certain niche blog. 

For example, 

If you're regularly posting food related contents in your blog and your blog is fully related to foods, then Google will set your blog's category into a food blog and all of your contents will get ranked in Food related searches. 

Length of articles:

Lengthy articles are always great and get ranked very easily. It takes long enough to rank short articles on Google. If your blog has almost every content lengthy enough or around 1,000 words, then you have a high chance of ranking. Though Google said to post a minimum of 300 words long articles but that doesn’t mean that 300 words long articles get ranked. 300 are only the minimum words length set by Google. 1,000+ words are still recommended to get good attention from Google. 


There is no value of a blog if there is no traffic. A good blog always gets a good amount of Daily visitors. Without visitors there is no earning opportunity for a blog. Some blogs are able to earn 100$ a day because of the huge number of traffic they receive every day. Though it is hard to get huge traffic for new blogs. However, if the niche is low competitive and the contents are all ranked on keywords, then you might see visitors soon.

Also, a social presence is needed to receive daily traffic.  A Facebook page and group dedicated to your blog would be better for your daily traffic. You can share your blog's posts in your Facebook page or group to get some visitors. And don't forget that there are other social platforms available to use for traffic. 

Adsense monetization :

AdSense monetization programme pays you the highest amount of money than any other monetizing programme does. Though there are some policy rules your blog has to maintain to earn adsense money.

Your blog has to follow the adsense policy and then you can apply to become one of the adsense partners. However,you can get a rejection even for a single policy violation. 

You have to wait 2 weeks after the application, this is a recommended time limit by the adsense team. It takes them 2 weeks to review your site but in some cases it takes more than 2 weeks. Some even got approval within a day. But once adsense approves your site, you'll start earning money by placing adsense ads in your blog. 

During the process you have to maintain calm and patience because creating a money blogger takes a lot of time.

Final words:

In the end I would say that if you follow every step and adsense policy, you will be able to make a blog that earns money for you. Some are so eager to earn that they forget one or two steps and later are unable to make money. 

That's why make sure you follow everything properly that I have mentioned in this article. 

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