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    How to write blog post


    A blog is a container that contains some information, media files and personal thoughts. Writing a blog means creating an article with media files (images, audio, video). However, in the case of any blog, there must be an image. And in this article you will learn how to create a blog.


    This content will end in 5 parts:

     1.What is Blogging?

     2.How to start blogging? to write a blog? to rank a blog? 

    5.Adsense eligibility guidelines.

    In this content Blog is especially used to refer to content/articles. 

    How to write a blog (beginner's guide to blogging

    As I said, a blog is a complete page with media files and words. Words are very important in a blog because it makes the blog complete. And media files are multiple additions that help a user understand the main purpose of the blog.It’s very hard to attract someone just by the title, so I think there’s no substitute for a customized image. Many believe that an image is essential to make a complete content. This is why the use of images has become an important part of a content. But there are other things to consider in the content. This could be how you write content or how your readers understand your blog. In the end, if the content remains incomplete, it is foolish to expect any value from it. So I apply some rules to write a complete blog. 


    Words are the core of a content. There is a saying that content is king and if we agree with this saying, then we must accept that the heart of this king is word. Proper use of the power of words determines the likelihood of your blog reading. It is very important to measure the length, uniqueness and readability of a blog to make your content perfect. Creating something unique and fresh requires unique thinking and creativity.

    Content Pattern

    Following the right pattern is essential to creating a complete content. It would be foolish to think of creating a content with only a combination of pictures and hundreds of words without following any pattern. A good look and well customized content is able to drive more traffic to your site. However, better research can be done to find out which pattern to follow.

    Use of Information 

    People read articles to gather information, not to gather personal opinions. Although some readers are interested in the personal thoughts of others, almost everyone throughout the Internet is interested in information. So any material without accurate information is like a plastic bottle without water.


    When I write something, I never think about how many words I write or how much money I get for my writing, but I do focus on the words I write and the value my content can get from potential readers.

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